Simply put

meta-cre­ation_­date: 29 April, 2004 We’re at least 5 — 6 months away from a WTO deci­sion on the US “cot­ton sup­port program”:

Hanoi visit

meta-cre­ation_­date: 27 April, 2004 Orig­i­nal of the “Tow­ers of Hanoi(from the dic­tio­nary of data struc­tures and algorithms)”:

Rocks in the harbour

meta-cre­ation_­date: 26 April, 2004 Clyde Prestowitz warns pro-out­sourc­ing econ­o­mists that their argu­ment doesn’t make sense in cas­es where the price of ...

A free trade offer from ASEAN

The Aus­tralian Asso­ci­at­ed Press—oblivious to the “dan­gling participle(link to a dic­tio­nary of grammar)”:

Fewer new anti-dumping cases

The WTO reports a 30 per­cent fall in the num­ber of anti-dump­ing inves­ti­ga­tions launched by Mem­bers in the sec­ond half of 2003, com­pared to the cor­rre­...

EU offer to Mercosur

The Her­ald Tri­bune is report­ing more details on the pro­posed ‘free trade’ area. bq. Euro­pean offi­cials refused… to dis­cuss farm sub­si­dies — a top­ic al...