Monthly Archives: July 2004

Is ASEAN integrating?

No”, says this sto­ry from the Economist:ASEAN trade with Chi­na has grown faster than inter­nal trade under the pref­er­en­tia tar­iff. bq. No one knows what pro­por­tion of trade with­in ASEAN actu­al­ly takes advan­tage of the Com­mon Effec­tive Pref­er­en­tial Tar­iff, as the AFTA-man­­dat­ed rates are known. Some esti­mates put the fig­ure as low as 5 per­cent. […]

Second Grosser text

The pro­posed basis for agree­ment on the key top­ic of Agri­cul­ture has been distributed—at the very last moment (Fri­day morn­ing in Gene­va). Ambas­sador Grosser’s sec­ond attempt is more vague on mar­ket access and on the manip­u­la­tion of the ‘blue box’ of domes­tic sup­ports. But it now has greater­sym­me­try between the dero­ga­tions avail­able to indus­tri­al­ized and […]

The power of an image

    The NY Times It’s 1953 and you’re the _anonymous_ NY Times cor­re­spon­dent who’s detailed to report the dis­cov­ery by James Wat­son and Frank Crick of the dou­ble-heli­­cal struc­ture of DNA. You have a hun­dred words to ‘grab’ the read­er, name the dis­cov­er­ers, con­vey the impor­tance of their dis­cov­ery _and_ tie the sto­ry some­how to the […]

US bucks global shrimp price

The US has announced _smaller than expected_ pre­lim­i­nary anti-dump­ing duties on imports of shrimp from Thai­land, India, Ecuador and Brazil. bq. The duties will affect imports that last year were worth near­ly $1.7bn (€1.4bn, £933m), and come on top of tar­iffs imposed ear­li­er this month against shrimp imports from Viet­nam and Chi­na worth more than […]

Balkanizing demand

Greedy con­tempt for con­sumers’ choice in the pro­tec­tion of _closed_ hard­ware is increas­ing­ly com­mon. bq. On Thurs­day how­ev­er Apple warned that it may also block access to iPod using Har­mo­ny the next time it updates the soft­ware used to run the device. “It is high­ly like­ly that Real’s Har­mo­ny tech­nol­o­gy will cease to work with cur­rent […]

Is Kerry a ‘free trader’? Does it matter?

From the Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty con­ven­tion, Matthew Ygle­sias (thanks, “Ben”: offers us half a piece of com­fort: bq. Lau­ra Tyson is, as we speak, assur­ing us that a Ker­ry admin­is­tra­tion will not break with Bush-Clin­­ton-Bush­pur­­suit of mul­ti­lat­er­al trade and invest­ment agree­ments. (“Matthew Yglesias”: Ygle­sias inter­prets this assur­ance as mean­ing that “Ker­ry would be bet­ter for free […]

The cost of ‘failure’

I’m sor­ry to see that Mar­tin Wolf has joined the casan­dras warn­ing us of the immense harm to the WTO sys­tem if Mem­bers fail to reach agree­ment on a nego­ti­at­ing frame­work this week. I doubt that there is much dan­ger to the sys­tem, although there may be a dan­ger to the cur­rent EU offer on […]