Monthly Archives: February 2005

OECD says Australia should restart reform

The OECD’s pre­sen­ta­tion of the data shows that Aus­tralians have risen 5 places (from 15 to 10) in the twen­­ty-one mem­ber OECD’s rank­ing of GDP per capi­ta between 1990 and 2002. But this is at the expense of hours worked: pro­duc­tiv­i­ty per hour worked is unchanged in that time! Aus­tralian pro­duc­tiv­i­ty lev­els are well below […]

Renewed activity in WTO

Ben cov­ers the com­pe­ti­tion for the WTO’s Direc­tor Gen­er­al posi­tion, news on the Byrd Amend­ment, the desul­to­ry nego­ti­a­tions on improve­ments to the WTO anti-dump­ing rules, and about the hol­low-sound­ing res­o­lu­tions emerg­ing from Davos on the need to put both more effort and more com­pro­mise into the Doha nego­ti­a­tions (do the two go togeth­er, do you […]

EC’s wheat subsidies raise a warning flag

The star­tling pro­pos­al from the EC Com­mis­sion to “elim­i­nate all export subsidies”: this round of nego­ti­a­tions seems to solve most of the prob­lems about “cir­cum­ven­tion” that plagued the Urur­guay Round agree­ment on the reduc­tion of export sub­si­dies. The zero end-point com­bined with a fixed date for elim­i­na­tion seems to put an end to con­cerns about […]