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World Trade Rule site

Still inter­est­ed in some of the stuff on my old WTR site? An essay on ‘glob­al­iza­tion’ and trade? A man­u­al on the TRIPS agree­ment?. It’s still there.

Access to the Inquit Standards Database

The Inquit data­base of SPS and TBT stan­dards is still avail­able has been retired and replaced with new data­base of SPS mea­sures (see this sto­ry). The data on SPS mea­sures and TBT mea­sures had a num­ber of errors due, most­ly, to the incon­sis­tent way that Mem­bers filled out their noti­fi­ca­tions in the first few years of the WTO sys­tem. The new dat­base is much more accu­rate, and links direct­ly to the WTO noti­fi­ca­tions so, after find­ing the measure(s) you’re inter­est­ed in, you can down­load the details from WTO.

Climate change concern

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WTO and Developing Countries

here to open WTODC in a new win­dow”>WTO and Developing Countries Cover page

The World Trade Orga­ni­za­tion has com­mis­sioned Inquit to write a num­ber of pub­li­ca­tions. One of the first—in 1999—was “WTO and Devel­op­ing Coun­tries”, which described the impact on Devel­op­ing Coun­try mem­bers of the Uruguay Round Agree­ments and the pro­vi­sions that the agree­ments made specif­i­cal­ly for devel­op­ment.

Why market access matters to developing countries

Just before the Sep­tem­ber 2003 Can­cún Min­is­te­r­i­al Con­fer­ence of WTO, the Aus­tralian Nation­al Farm­ers’ Fed­er­a­tion com­m­mis­sioned me to write a pam­phlet for the Cairns’ Group Farm Lead­ers’ meet­ing on the impor­tance of mar­ket access to devel­op­ing coun­try gains in the Doha Round of trade nego­ti­a­tions.

Although it’s now more than three years old, and the trade data is a lit­tle dat­ed, the analy­sis still works. You can down­load a some­what col­or­ful print­ed ver­sion of the book­let from web­site of the Rur­al Indus­try Research and Devel­op­ment Cor­po­ra­tion, who pub­lished the pam­phlet for NFF.

International impact on food regulations

food regulation flow chartThe

Vic­to­ri­an Com­pe­ti­tion and Effi­cien­cy Com­mis­sion engaged Inquit to sur­vey the costs that oblig­a­tions under inter­na­tion­al agree­ments and the require­ments of trad­ing part­ners impose on food pro­duc­ers, proces­sors and whole­salers in the state of Vic­to­ria. More than two-thirds of Vic­to­ri­an food pro­duc­tion is for the export mar­ket.

Global Trade Advocate

down­load a copy of Glob­al Trade Advo­cate (pdf:2.2mb)”>Glob­al Trade Advo­cate is Inquit’s guide to advo­ca­cy on behalf of the glob­al trad­ing inter­ests of your busi­ness or indus­try asso­ci­a­tion. It shows you how to go about defin­ing your inter­ests in the trad­ing sys­tem, how to ana­lyze the oppor­tu­ni­ties, how to build sup­port for your goals in the trad­ing sys­tem and—most important—how to iden­ti­fy and per­suade the deci­sion-mak­ers.

GTA con­tains exam­ples of firms and asso­ci­a­tions that have achieved ben­e­fits a thou­sand-times greater than their invest­ments in pur­suit of their inter­ests in break­ing down bar­ri­ers to trade or win­ning a fair­er deal from the sys­tem. 

Allan Beat­tie, World Trade Edi­tor for the Finan­cial Times of Lon­don says:

Mr Gallagher’s advice is valu­able … the rewards can be huge … the case for busi­ness to pay atten­tion to trad­ing rules is com­pelling.”

Hugh Mor­gan AO, for­mer Chair­man of the Busi­ness Coun­cil of Aus­tralia says:

Great assis­tance to busi­ness, media and edu­ca­tion­al under­tak­ings in gain­ing a ground­ing in the Inter­na­tion­al Trade activ­i­ties that pro­vide such a sig­nif­i­cant part of the insti­tu­tion­al frame­work.

Andrew Stol­er, for­mer Deputy Direc­tor-Gen­er­al of WTO says:

“An excel­lent prac­ti­cal guide through the often con­fused maze of trade nego­ti­a­tions and agree­ments.  Peter Gallagher’s expert coun­sel is exact­ly what a busi­nessper­son needs to con­vert pol­i­cy oppor­tu­ni­ties into dol­lars and cents.”