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WTO Tariff Profiles

A gazette of glob­al tar­iff lev­els by coun­try, prod­uct group, applied and bound. Just in time for the regrets over the demise of Doha

What the collapse of the Doha talks means for agreement on climate

The news that the WTO talks had col­lapsed again prob­a­bly deserves the famil­iar gripes and even the bored yawns that greet­ed it. But behind this sto­ry is a wor­ry­ing les­son about the poten­tial for agree­ment on oth­er glob­al chal­lenges, like cli­mate change.

Camino to DevonThink script

A small Apple­script appli­ca­tion for copy­ing pages from Camino to Devon­Think PE