Monthly Archives: January 2008

Best demolition of IPCC case on Climate

Dr Bob Carter, a geol­o­gist and pale­on­tol­o­gist at James Cook and Ade­laide Uni­ver­si­ties writes clear eco­nom­i­cal prose, pro­vides good illus­tra­tions and exten­sive cita­tions.

US Presidential Candidates’ trade policies

The Eyes on Trade blog sum­ma­rizes remarks on trade pol­i­cy by the eco­nom­ic advi­sors to Clin­ton, Oba­ma and McCain. There has been lit­tle atten­tion giv­en to trade poli­cies in the cam­paign so far. It’s clear that one of the Can­di­dates has a more pop­ulist — less lib­er­al — approach than oth­ers.

Trade agreements out of reach

The text of my Opin­ion piece in the Aus­tralian Finan­cial Review ear­li­er this month.

[Trade Min­is­ter] Simon Cre­an could be for­giv­en for feel­ing uneasy as he pre­pares to dive into the Trade port­fo­lio. If you stand at the end of the plank and look down, you can just about see the bot­tom of the bar­rel and the well that filled it is run­ning dry.

Climate Debate Daily

Den­nis Dut­ton does it again with a new site that logs cur­rent con­tri­bu­tions from both sides of the debate on human-forc­ing of glob­al warm­ing. Enor­mous­ly good val­ue.

Cultural notes

The Atlantic opens the doors as The Bul­letin clos­es them.