Monthly Archives: August 2010

No need, no gain, no glory

Only nine years late, we are to have a Par­lia­men­tary debate about our involve­ment in the Afghan con­flict! What has bought our lead­ers to con­sid­er, at last, own­ing up to their duty to explain their poli­cies which have so far killed almost twen­ty Aus­tralians? They felt no such need dur­ing the elec­tion, so it can […]

Academy of alarm

What does the Aus­tralian Acad­e­my of sci­ence think their role should be? To inform or to fright­en? To elu­ci­date pub­lic pol­i­cy issues from a sci­en­tif­ic view­point? Or to indulge them­selves in scare­mon­ger­ing so unsup­port­ed by facts that it bor­ders on irre­spon­si­ble? Their lat­est cli­­mate-alarm pam­phlet con­tains appalling rub­bish, includ­ing claims that the world will warm […]

Public data from Google

Google’s Pub­lic Data ‘labs’ access and map data from sources such as the World Bank’s World Devel­op­ment Indi­ca­tors.Great fun