Monthly Archives: January 2012

Davos dribbles

What a world of blath­er, the Davos meet­ing must be. The cor­po­rate chat­ter­ing class­es titi­lat­ing them­selves with scary, fuzzy, big-pic­­ture booga­loo. Clever talk and a few good din­ners mus­ing about issues they guess are com­plex, loom­ing, and some­one else’s prob­lem (tomor­row) must con­sole them for the rest of the year when they have to deal […]

A bearish view of global governance

If there were a rat­ings agency for the cred­i­bil­i­ty of “glob­al gov­er­nance” insti­tu­tions, the WTO’s would have been down­grad­ed to a “B” at best[1] after the col­lapse of the Doha Round nego­ti­a­tions. The triple crown of benign glob­al gov­er­nance — a pros­per­ous, well-reg­u­lat­ed glob­al “com­mons,” the sov­er­eign­ty of nation-states and the assent of the gov­erned […]