A Pisgah sight of the Doha deal

  • Sev­er­al square brack­ets on thresh­olds and tar­gets (e.g. in domes­tic sup­port cuts) removed
  • A “tar­iff cap” that isn’t: ‘sen­si­tive’ prod­ucts may have tar­iffs greater than 100% (!!) with a small (0.5%) expan­sion in the tar­iff quo­ta and of course there are spe­cial ‘excep­tions’ for the astro­nom­i­cal lev­els of pro­tec­tion in Ice­land, Japan, Nor­way, Switzer­land that are allowed to breach the 100% cap in non-sen­si­tive products.
  • Sen­si­tive prod­uct quo­ta expan­sion of 3% to 4% of domes­tic con­sump­tion as deter­mined by a method (‘par­tial des­ig­na­tion’) designed to so con­fuse the issue of what a ‘prod­uct’ is that, in real­i­ty, you can dis­count the growth fac­tor by (say) the ‘num­ber you first thought of…’
  • A set of pro­pos­als (in an addi­tion­al paper) for accom­mo­dat­ing the demand from Cana­da and Japan that they should be allowed to cre­ate new tar­iff quo­tas as part of this sub­stan­tial improve­ment in mar­ket access: a new regres­sion in the Doha modalities
  • A com­plex set of pro­vi­sions to per­mit devel­op­ing coun­tries to breach their pre-Doha bound rates of duty as part of a Spe­cial Safe­guard Mech­a­nism (anoth­er new regres­sion in the Doha modalities)

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