A survey of business consultations on trade

Would you like to help me test a sur­vey of busi­ness­es or NGOs that con­sult with gov­ern­ments on trade issues? I’ve been asked to cre­ate a sur­vey for an Asian region group to help build a bet­ter ‘base­line’ dataset on the breadth, fre­quen­cy and con­tent of busi­ness-gov­ern­ment and NGO-gov­ern­ment exchanges on nation­al par­tic­i­pa­tion in the trad­ing sys­tem. I’d be very grate­ful if you’d try this out and leave a com­ment below, giv­ing me your thoughts. 

Please rest assured that this sur­vey is com­plete­ly anony­mous. I’ll pub­lish all of the aggre­gate data that respon­dents choose to save so we might all learn some­thing from the exercise. 

Thank you. I appre­ci­ate your help.

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