Agricultural incentives database

The web-inter­face pro­vides two ways to access Kym’s and Ernesto’s data. One form pro­duces tables of key vari­ables (nom­i­nal rates of assis­tance, con­sumer tax equiv­a­lents, pro­duc­er prices, out­put vol­ume etc) by prod­uct, coun­try, region or date (or any com­bi­na­tion of these four). You can then down­load either the data for the ten fields dis­played in the on-line report or the data for all 81 fields for the product/country/region/date dis­played. The data is in “.csv” (com­ma-sep­a­rat­ed val­ue) for­mat that can be read by any spreadsheet. 

To give you a bet­ter idea of what you might find, here are some (ran­dom) examples : 

  • The his­to­ry of sup­port to (or tax­a­tion of) jute in Bangladesh from 1975 to 2005; or, 
  • The out­put and appar­ent con­sump­tion of wheat in Brazil since the for­ma­tion of the Mer­co­sur cus­toms union; or, 
  • The pro­duc­er price of milk in Cana­da and the con­sumer tax equiv­a­lent of milk sup­ports; or, 
  • The nom­i­nal rate of assis­tance to the pro­duc­tion of eggs in the coun­tries of the Europe and Cen­tral Asian region between 1981 and 1991.

The sec­ond form of the web-report is graph­ic. In this report, for any com­bi­na­tion of coun­try, date and prod­uct (‘date’ is option­al), you’ll see graph­ic dis­plays of the esti­mat­ed Con­sumer Tax Equiv­a­lent, Nom­i­nal Rates of Assis­tance, Vol­ume of Pro­duc­tion, Appar­ent Con­sump­tion, Val­ue of Pro­duc­tion, and the undis­tort­ed Farm-Gate price. Again, you can down­load the data for these fields or for all fields from the graphs page.

The tab­u­lar form of the report is avail­able here. The graph­ic form of the report is here.

I hope that these util­i­ties make the data from this ter­rif­ic project more acces­si­ble. If you have a prob­lem with the inter­face (or you like it or hate it), please let me know. Con­tact details are on the web page. I’d like to thank Kym and Ernesto for allow­ing me to do this to their data and, of course, own to respon­si­bil­i­ty for the presentation.

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