An eminent economist

After a dis­tin­guished career that has seen sig­nif­i­cant con­tri­bu­tions to pub­lic pol­i­cy for­mu­la­tion through more than three decades, Gar­naut finds him­self, at 64, more piv­otal than ever. As he grap­ples with his respon­si­bil­i­ty it is worth observ­ing he lacks one qual­i­ty also miss­ing in every oth­er econ­o­mist: infal­li­bil­i­ty” Extract from “A bril­liant career, but cer­tain­ly not per­fect”, Chris Ken­ny in The Aus­tralian
Ross Gar­naut is, by any mea­sure, a great Aus­tralian who has well deserved the praise, his many dis­tinc­tions…and crit­i­cism of his work.

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