Auto rip multiple audio CDs in OS X

I’ve writ­ten a short script for Mac OS X that will help you to auto­mate the won­der­ful XLD (‘X Loss­less Decoder’) to rip CD-after-CD. Get it here.

This script has only one advan­tage over XLD’s own ‘auto­mat­ic rip’ (see the “CD Rip” tab of XLD pref­er­ences): it requires no inter­ac­tion. On ‘auto­mat­ic’, XLD requires you to choose among alter­na­tive disc titles, if found in the CD data­base and to man­u­al­ly dis­miss the log-file win­dow at the end of each rip. But with Aus­to­m­a­teXLD, you don’t need any inter­ac­tion at all, except to load the CDs. It’s a hands-off procedure.

Oops! It turns out that XLD’s pref­er­ences (the ‘CDDB’ tab) allow you to avoid the prompts for mul­ti­ple CD Data­base can­di­dates. You don’t need the “Auto­ma­teXLD” script at all!

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