Brian Caplan’s economic essays

A small selec­tion of excel­lent short “essays(link to doc on Caplan’s site, about 20k)”: on fun­da­men­tal top­ics (com­pe­ti­tion, prices, Bas­ti­at etc) by Bri­an Caplan. Among oth­er intrigu­ing work: his “article(link to doc on Caplan’s site, about 50k)”: on using empir­i­cal­ly sound, fal­si­fi­able pref­er­ence assess­ments (“Open­ness to Expe­ri­ence, Con­sci­en­tious­ness, Extra­ver­sion, Agree­able­ness, and Neu­roti­cism”) in eco­nom­ic expla­na­tions. Thanks to “Stephen Kirchner”: for the reference.

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