Cartagena Protocol enters into force

meta-cre­ation_­date: Jun 21, 2003 The tiny Pacif­ic island coun­try of “Palau”: has become the 50th state to rat­i­fy the “Protocol”: to the Con­ven­tion on Bio­di­ver­si­ty, bring­ing it into force. Even­tu­al­ly, this will cre­ate con­flict between the Con­ven­tion and the WTO Agree­ment on San­i­tary and Phy­tosan­i­tary Mea­sures (SPS). The Con­ven­tion (and the overblown “Rio Dec­la­ra­tion” on which it is based) pre­tends to “authorize”: unde­fined import restric­tions and pro­hi­bi­tions in any cir­cum­stance where there is a “…lack of sci­en­tif­ic cer­tain­ty due to insuf­fi­cient rel­e­vant sci­en­tif­ic infor­ma­tion and knowl­edge regard­ing the extent of the poten­tial adverse effects of an LMO on bio­di­ver­si­ty”. A stan­dard of ‘sci­en­tif­ic cer­tain­ty’ is so unrea­son­able as to be irra­tional whether as a test of risks due to the import of GMOs (‘LMOs’ in the Pro­to­col) or in any oth­er field of pub­lic administration.

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