Cops clean-up in Bangladesh

I’m in Chit­tagong, Bangladesh’s major port and com­mer­cial cen­ter, for a cou­ple of days to talk about world trade events with with the Chit­tagong Cham­ber of Com­merce. From the world’s inki­est, low cost broad­sheet, “The Dai­ly Life” (6 pages for only Taka 4.00—no web­site) bq. Police arrest­ed 1,580 peo­ple, includ­ing sev­en iden­ti­fied ter­ror­ists and siezed 10 firearms along with 120 bul­lets from across the coun­try in the last 24 hours end­ing at 6am today. Of the arrest­ed, 867 were want­ed by the policed and 695 accused in dif­fer­ent under-inves­ti­ga­tion cases.

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