Obama: don’t tread on me

I did­n’t just start crit­i­ciz­ing unfair trade deals like NAFTA because I start­ed run­ning for office — I’m doing it because I’ve seen what hap­pens to a com­mu­ni­ty when the fac­to­ry clos­es down and the jobs move over­seas. (Barack Oba­ma)

Of course it’s a com­plete myth that work­ers get bet­ter-paid, high­er-skilled, more secure jobs as a result of open­ing to trade. Just look at the mis­er­able result of the Chi­nese exper­i­ment since the 1980s. Will they ever catch up with Cuba?

end of pon­der­ous irony/>

Barack Oba­ma says he will reward busi­ness­es that hold on to the ‘good’ jobs—that is, the jobs that the US work­er had yesterday—a pol­i­cy that can only make the Unit­ed States poor­er. He’s promis­ing to give tax breaks to so-called Patri­ot Employ­ers that turn their firms into indus­tri­al muse­ums to keep the US work­ers at the same old jobs. Tele­phone repair­men, spot welders, tick­et writ­ers, sad­dlers, tabulators … 

If you could take any of this seri­ous­ly it’s a pro­gram to cre­ate a North Korea north of the Rio Grande.

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