E‑book on global trade advocacy

My busi­ness is trade advo­ca­cy; on behalf of my clients and as the focus of work I do with busi­ness groups in Aus­tralia and around the world—especially in Asia. Now, I’ve writ­ten a book about it. It’s aimed at man­agers and Asso­ci­a­tion execs who already have enough to read. Its a snap­py, on-line guide to the why, how and with-whom of get­ting best val­ue out of the glob­al trad­ing sys­tem, with a few sur­pris­es thrown in …  Advo­ca­cy means get­ting valu­able results from the glob­al trad­ing sys­tem by seek­ing sup­port, first, from your own gov­ern­ment and then from oth­er busi­ness­es, asso­ci­a­tions and gov­ern­ments world-wide. The first sur­prise for many read­ers will be that glob­al­iza­tion of mar­kets does­n’t mean dimin­ished trade bar­ri­ers; it changes the loca­tion of trade bar­ri­ers, bring­ing mul­ti­ple bor­ders inside the pro­duc­tion chain for most busi­ness­es. In this envi­ron­ment, trad­ing sys­tem know-how has become an essen­tial man­age­ment skill A sec­ond sur­prise for many read­ers will be the suc­cess of even small busi­ness­es in devel­op­ing economies in achiev­ing valu­able changes in the trad­ing sys­tem as it affects them. If they can do it … A third sur­prise is how big the advo­ca­cy pay­offs are. They’re much big­ger than the returns from the typ­i­cal lob­by­ing effort—even if they have to be shared—and pose much low­er finan­cial and polit­i­cal risks. Please take a look at the “sam­ple pages”:http://www.inquit.com/images/oldpix/Ebook-GlobalTradeAdvocate/ or “download”:http://www.inquit.com/assets/public/TradeAdvocateSample.pdf them in PDF for­mat (880k). Please “let me know”:http://www.petergallagher.com.au/contact what you think of the sam­ple and, of course, if you’d be inter­est­ed in buy­ing a copy of the book when it is pub­lished on-line lat­er this month.

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