Ergas on Cost-Benefit of the NBN

After all, once the resources are spent, they are gone for­ev­er: no chance then of ensur­ing that they are put to good use. That is why the project should be care­ful­ly assessed before it is irre­versibly com­mit­ted. But there is an even more impor­tant rea­son for per­se­ver­ing [with demands for a cost-ben­e­fit analy­sis]: in pub­lic life, rot spreads. What begins with half-truths ends with untruths. As the attempt to defend the inde­fen­si­ble over­whelms the duty to say it as it is, a cul­ture of hypocrisy takes hold in which any­thing goes.” Extract from We can’t afford to opt for NBN with­out scruti­ny | The Australian

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