Fiscal arrogance

The Prime Min­is­ter’s assur­ance that her use­less tax will bring a per­ma­nent infla­tion of prices may be right. But I’m aston­ished to see her use this as advo­ca­cy; the arro­gance of this state­ment sug­gests she has lost touch with the con­cerns of the “bat­tlers” her par­ty claims to represent.

She warned that while Mr Abbott could abol­ish the car­bon tax com­pen­sa­tion he could not remove all the tax’s price impact. The Prime Min­is­ter said Mr Abbot­t’s pre­tence that he could do this was “unbe­liev­able”. She said his posi­tion was the equiv­a­lent of Labor say­ing in 2001 that by repeal­ing John Howard’s GST “we could have made every retail­er in Aus­tralia put every price stick­er on every good, in every shelf in every shop in the nation, down by 10 per cent the next day”. She ridiculed the idea as absurd.” Extract from The Aus­tralian

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