Fisheries “dumping” cases

Two years ago the Viet­namese cat­fish indus­try fought strong­ly (but lost) against a US anti-dump­ing duty on exports of their native cat­fish. Now the US shrimp indus­try is “accusing”: Viet­nam and oth­er sup­pli­ers of dump­ing shrimp. bq. The South­ern Shrimp Alliance asked the Com­merce Depart­ment and the Inter­na­tion­al Trade Com­mis­sion to impose tar­iffs of up to 267 per­cent on surg­ing imports of Amer­i­ca’s favorite seafood from Thai­land, Chi­na, Brazil, Viet­nam, India and Ecuador. Accord­ing to the “BBC report”: … bq. …the shrimp mar­ket in the US is worth a lot more [than the cat­fish mar­ket]. Viet­nam sells about $500m worth of shrimp to the Amer­i­can mar­ket, com­pared to less than $60m in cat­fish. But this time Hanoi will not be fight­ing its giant trade part­ner alone. Thai­land and India are also major US sup­pli­ers and there is already talk of a coali­tion. There have been a string of South East Asian cas­es against US fish indus­try pro­tec­tion in the past decade or so (includ­ing the ‘Shrimp-Tur­tle’ case which is still mak­ing waves). This one is like­ly to be worth watch­ing. Indus­try sources believe that it has been prompt­ed by South East Asian sup­pli­ers switch­ing exports from Europe and Japan fol­low­ing the impo­si­tion of a vari­ety of ‘health’ bar­ri­ers in those mar­kets relat­ed to the use of antibi­otics in farmed shrimp.

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