Hippocrene Hull

I knew where the atra­bil­ious Philip Larkin and the tran­scen­dent Andrew Mar­vell (“I by the tide of Hum­ber would com­plain…”) came from. But not this:

Hull It may be bot­tom of many league tables but Aus­tralian writer Peter Porter called it “the most poet­ic city in Eng­land”. Philip Larkin, Andrew Mar­vell, Dou­glas Dunn, Andrew Motion and Roger McGough all lived here and Ste­vie Smith was born here. Let us hope it is wav­ing, not drown­ing.” Extract from FT.com

Roger (“Good­bat night­man”) McGough and cheeky Ste­vie Smith (“Not Wav­ing But Drown­ing”) are favourites from way back. It has to be some sort of record (thrash­es Mel­bourne, in any case)!

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