How bad is polar ice loss?

For­tu­nate­ly that’s not at all dif­fi­cult to do. The US ‘Nation­al Snow and Ice Data Cen­ter’, sup­port­ed by NASA and the US Nation­al Sci­ence Foun­da­tion, pro­vides dai­ly and month­ly updates of the ice cov­er at the Poles using satel­lite microwave imagery. Plots of the data show that the North Polar ice cov­er trend line is about 4% below the 1979–2000 mean and falling at a rate of about 3% per decade over the peri­od since 1980. The plot of the South­ern Polar ice cov­er trend is, how­ev­er, about 9% above the mean over the 1979–2000 peri­od and ris­ing at about 5% per decade. 


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