From Ter­ry Pratch­et­t’s Richard Dim­ble­by (BBC) lec­ture on the expe­ri­ence of pro­gres­sive dementia. 

You see, the dis­ease moves slow­ly, but you know it’s there. Imag­ine that you’re in a very, very slow motion car crash. Noth­ing much seems to be hap­pen­ing. There’s an occa­sion­al lit­tle bang, a crunch, a screw pops out and spins across the dash­board as if we’re in Apol­lo 13. But the radio is still play­ing, the heater is on and it doesn’t seem all that bad, except for the cer­tain knowl­edge that soon­er or lat­er you will be def­i­nite­ly going head­first through the wind­screen.” Extract from the Tran­script of the Richard Dim­ble­by Lec­ture, 2010

Pratch­ett makes a per­sua­sive case for the legal­i­sa­tion of assist­ed suicide.

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