Framing jpeg images for Flickr

This is an Applescript I wrote a couple of years ago to resize and frame Jpeg images exported from Photoshop (for example) for Flickr.

The script relies on the ‘convert’ utility from the ImageMagick ( library. It puts a [black] frame around the outside of the image, after resizing the image to a maximum of 1600px on the longest side. The frame displays an arbitrary string at the top left corner (e.g. for copyright).

The script will embed an sRGB ICC-profile in the resized Jpeg. I use ProPhoto for my Photoshop working space. But this is a much wider gamut than most monitors will display. Most web browsers will distort colors using that, much-wider, color gamut. So it is better to specify a recent version of the sRGB profile for the image. You can find sRGB color profiles here at the ICC website.

Finally, the script sharpens the resized image just a little and saves it as a renamed image in the same directory as the original.

I hope you find it useful. The script includes instructions, including on the best way to install ImageMagick.

Save PDF annotations to a notes file

If you are a researcher then you probably annotate PDFs of papers and other stuff. If, like me, you work in the Apple/OSX environment you may be using Skim to read and annotate. Skim allows you to save the annotations in their own ‘sidecar’ file format and to copy/paste the text of the annotations. But […]

Draft history of ICC: final chapters

Last year, I completed the manuscript of a centennial history of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). It’s a long work: 400 pages, more or less. It will be only the second history of this remarkable institution. The first was published in 1938. ICC commissioned the history in 2013, but has recently decided to wait […]

The Wallenbergs at the ICC

Peter Wallenberg, the scion of the great Swedish family of bankers and industrialists, died on 19 January aged 88. Among his many achievements was to lead the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) during the most difficult period for business in the late 20th Century. Here is a summary of the story. There’s a little more […]

Can multilateralism be revived?

Shawn Donnan at the FT says that it needs a healthier life-style. Multilateralism is weaker than it has ever been. But, in trade, it has never been as robust as it seemed on the surface. For now, I doubt there is a reasonable prospect it can be revived in its original form. Instead, we should […]

Is a plurilateral the ‘way out’ for WTO on agriculture?

Q: under what circumstances would a critical-mass (CM) plurilateral agreement on agriculture be a way “out of the mess” in the WTO agriculture negotiations? A: any CM plurilateral works as a “way out” of the WTO stalemate where it offers a degree of benefits to the members of the plurilateral agreement such that they were […]

Evaluation of a “Critical Mass” agreement on agriculture

The stalemate in Geneva on the December 2013 Bali Agreement concerning both Trade Faciliation and agriculture subsidies has revived some interest in the potential for a plurilateral agreement on Agriculture among WTO members. I attach to this brief post a pre-print of the summary that Andy Stoler and I wrote for the journal Global Governance […]