Is a plurilateral the ‘way out’ for WTO on agriculture?

Q: under what circumstances would a critical-mass (CM) plurilateral agreement on agriculture be a way “out of the mess” in the WTO agriculture negotiations? A: any CM plurilateral works as a “way out” of the WTO stalemate where it offers a degree of benefits to the members of the plurilateral agreement such that they were […]

Evaluation of a “Critical Mass” agreement on agriculture

The stalemate in Geneva on the December 2013 Bali Agreement concerning both Trade Faciliation and agriculture subsidies has revived some interest in the potential for a plurilateral agreement on Agriculture among WTO members. I attach to this brief post a pre-print of the summary that Andy Stoler and I wrote for the journal Global Governance […]

Editing Scrivener ‘Sync’ files

Do you use Scrivener? If so, and you’d like to edit your Scrivener files on another platform such as your iPad, I may have something that will help. I’ve made some ‘bundles’ and themes for the TextMate editor and the Textastic editor on the iPad that display inline annotations, comments and block-quotes in the text. […]

The longevity of plain TeX

Microsoft Word was first released for MS DOS in October, 1983. Some five months earlier, Donald Knuth, a professor of computing at Stanford University, published “The TeX Book.” This was a jokey manual for, and a deft demonstration of, his TeX publishing program whose stable version first appeared in 1982. Each of these contemporary works […]

The physical science of climate change

I’m late finding this Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) report. I include the summary of their findings on the physical science here because they accord with my present assessment. I would have added only one thing to the recitation below. I do not know why the NIPCC omitted it. That is: the IPCC’s […]

If you need a word …

A combined Keyboard Maestro and OSX Automator action to access Princeton’s “WordNet” database. WordNet is a remarkable semantic network of words: not exactly a thesaurus but nonetheless great for hunting down the word you need. Select a word in any Mac application, hit the keyboard trigger you select and the macros pop-up a window with […]

The multilateral trade mess — 5 years later

In August 2008, shortly after the collapse of the WTO Doha Round’s agricultural negotiations in Geneva — which I recognized, then, as the ‘death-rattle’ of the Round — I wrote the attached paper; part of a project sponsored by the Rural Industry Research & Development Corporation to find a better way to negotiate in WTO. […]