Monthly Archives: March 2003

US motives in an FTA

Otherwise intelligent people are apparently puzzled about what the USA could get out of a Free Trade Agreement with Australia and, seeing nothing obvious that the USA might want assume that the US objectives are non-obvious and possibly devious.  It’s fertile grounds for conspiracy theorists. The Opposition Spokesman (Craig Emerson), desperate for notice, says that […]

How deep do tariff cuts need to be?

Suppose all you wanted to do was to reduce the average legal rate of duty around the world (the bound rate in WTO-speak) down to the rate actually being applied on average for all products? How much would you need to cut tariffs in order to do that? Such a cut would mean no actual […]

Three reasons for an FTA

Here are three reasons for trading businesses to take seriously a free trade agreement between Australia and the USA. First: it will be big.  The World Bank measures the GDP of Australia as larger than the combined GDP of all of the 10 aspirants to EU membership. The USA’s economy is almost as large as […]

The view from Paris

Le Monde sticks it to Washington. But they’re close to correct about the nature of the failures that will continue to echo in other quarters. The current leaders of the world’s most powerful nation have allowed diplomacy and force to conflict, when they could just as easily have allowed them to work in harmony. Washington […]

Will disputes over war damage the WTO round?

meta-creation_date: March 18, 2003 The WTO Director-General Supachai Panitchpakdi has been quoted by the New York Times expressing concern that the damage to multilateral decision making in the progress to war will spill over into the WTO negotiations. I can feel the sense of trepidation, Mr. Supachai said in an interview. Whatever happens, if the […]

What did Chiraq say about a veto on war?

He was, in fact, saying that no matter which of two hypothetical outcomes of a vote on the second Security Council ‘ultimatum’ might occur, France did not at that time accept that an ultimatum was necessary. QUESTION — The Americans are saying the opposite. Colin Powell thinks he will get [nine votes needed for a […]