Monthly Archives: June 2003

China and WTO presentation

A “presentation(link to PDF file: 480kb)”: I gave a couple of weeks ago to the Australia-China Business Council reviewing some of the challenges facing China in the WTO. China’s trade liberalization began some time before it’s WTO accession. The adjustment presssures China faces are due to growth (not necessarily trade). We all lose from the […]

Poor people like globalization

David Dollar—an author of some of the most interesting recent “work (link to World Bank, download Dollar paper)”: on the relationship of trade, growth and poverty aleviation in developing countries— “finds”: that people in the poorest countries are the most positive about globalization. image from Yale Global Writing for “Yale Global (Yale Global web site)”: […]

Cap Reform

Don’t imagine that the EU decision on changes to the Common Agricultural Policy mean a new deal for world agriculture markets. To really open up world food markets and help the world’s poorest people achieve better incomes and greater food security we need a new approach to the WTO agriculture negotiations but history says the […]

The “Girard” proposals on cuts to non-agricultural tarrifs

An informal summary of the non-agricultural market access proposals put forward by the Chair of the WTO negotiating group Pierre-Louis Girard (Switzerland) in the WTO document TN/MA/W/35 on 16 May, 2003 (“download”: from WTO) that have pleasedno one much. They have, however, one innovative aspect that has caused some developing countries to reassess their interest […]

Cartagena Protocol enters into force

meta-creation_date: Jun 21, 2003 The tiny Pacific island country of “Palau”: has become the 50th state to ratify the “Protocol”: to the Convention on Biodiversity, bringing it into force. Eventually, this will create conflict between the Convention and the WTO Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS). The Convention (and the overblown “Rio Declaration” on […]

Precaution all-round

meta-creation_date: Jun 20, 2003 Update: The NY Times reports that the US/EU talks have “collapsed”: No surprise. There’s no sanction for hypocrisy in international relations. Just as well. Because Australia andthe EU are disputing trade barriers in WTO with a sensitivity to each other’s faults exceeded only by blindness to their own. Along with the […]

Liberalizing access barriers to non-agricultural products

On 10 June, I gave a presentation at the ESCAP Regional Senior Officials Meeting on preparations for the Cancún WTO Ministerial meeting. The slides show the impact of trade barriers on developing country trade in industrial and minerals products with special reference to the effect of barriers in other developing countries (which tend to be […]