Monthly Archives: July 2003

Why are Regional Trade Agreements growing?

Mighty powers in international economics have resumed their fatwas against regional trade agreements (RTAs) as threats to the multilateral system. “Jagdish Bhagwati and Ross Garnaut(link to TheAustralian newspaper)”:,5744,6732019%255E7583,00.html in the Australian of 11 July and “Bhagwati with Arvind Panagariya(link to Financial Times – subscription)”: in the Financial Times. I think these dire warnings are a […]

Is aid helping the South Pacific?

The Solomon Islands is not alone in failing to survive as a modern state. The problem is endemic, if not quite as acute, throughout the Pacifc. Helen Hughes, whose credentials as an analyst of development are substantial, provides a fascinating and depressing overview of the impact of more than 100 billion Australian Dollars of foreign […]

Philippines fruit case

meta-creation_date: 15 July 2003 The Philippines Government chose to announce a WTO challenge to Australia’s quarantine system on the day that the Prime Minister arrived in the country for a three-day visit. bq. In its application to the WTO, the Philippines said Australia is in breach of international quarantine trading regulations by keeping out the […]

NY Times hammers EU agriculture reform

The NY Times has meagre praise for the EU reforms ” … the rich world’s reluctance to dismantle market-distorting agricultural policies, like tariffs and subsidies, betrays an unwillingness to make the sacrifices that poorer nations, with less negotiating leverage, have been asked to make in the name of economic orthodoxy. Tellingly, the reform announced recently […]

A scientific truth

A accurate, if skeptical, “assessment(link to The Age newspaper)”: of public science from “James Watson(link to Cold Harbor Laboratories bio of Watson)”: who complains that much funding for cancer—and other (?)—research is being wasted on grants for irrelevant academic studies. The ‘scientific community’ keeping itself in a job. bq. “The main function of the scientific […]

WIPO Symposium on Geographical Indications

Next week I’ll be at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) “Symposium(link to the Symposium website)”: in San Francisco to present a “paper(link to a PDF file 160kb)”: on Geographical Indications in Global Dairy Trade. The WTO negotiations include a debate on implementing a register of region-linked brands (called ‘geographical indications&#8217)such as ‘Scotch’ or ‘Parmesan’. […]