Monthly Archives: August 2003

Inappropriate protection

Australia’s offi­cial view of the appro­pri­ate level of pro­tec­tion against imported plant or ani­mal pests and dis­eases can be char­ac­terised as: “com­plete pro­tec­tion what­ever the cost”. Our trad­ing part­ners, nat­u­rally, find this hard to take; the Philip­pines raised its objec­tions[⇒ related story] last month. Now the Euro­pean Union has for­mally chal­lenged the pol­icy in the […]

Unforced Errors

It’s easy enough to fall into the trap. In hot pur­suit of an argu­ment we some­times grasp at evi­dence that isn’t quite what it seems.”>Jane Galt has put an odd spin on the prob­a­ble WTO deal on patents and drugs ” The WTO has just cut a deal to let coun­tries that break patents, such […]

Opening markets helps development & growth

I’ve argued this before[⇒ related story] on this site. I’ve now been asked by the Aus­tralian “National Farm­ers’ Federation(link to NFF website)”:// to put the argu­ments briefly for dis­cus­sion by global farm indus­try lead­ers meet­ing dur­ing the Can­cún meet­ing of WTO. You are wel­come to help your­self to a “copy(link to PDF file, about 90k)”: […]

Officials give up on ‘diplomatic’ solutions

There’s only so much you can do with words. At some point, dis­agree­ments have to be resolved by some­one in charge agree­ing to make changes. This has finally started to hap­pen in Geneva bq. Trade nego­tia­tors gave up on attempts to nar­row dif­fer­ences over how to open up inter­na­tional trade and cre­ate a bind­ing global […]

Experts put long odds on WTO deal

The “Insti­tute of Inter­na­tional Busi­ness Eco­nom­ics and Law(link to the Insti­tute website)”: at Ade­laide Uni­ver­sity con­ducts a unique global poll of WTO insid­ers includ­ing Geneva nego­tia­tors, senior gov­ern­ment offi­cials and ana­lysts in which it tests trends in the com­mu­nity that com­prises World Trade Orga­ni­za­tion deci­sion makers.

EU & US plan will keep barriers in place

Its impor­tant to under­stand the impact of the US and EU ‘joint’ pro­posal[⇒ related story] for the future of world agri­cul­ture trade. Although it has been crit­i­cised[⇒ related story] from all sides, the paper has already been incor­po­rated into the pro­posed “draft declaration(link to story in the Globe and Mail)”: put for­ward by the Chairman […]

The origins of ‘luck’

In a “speech(link to ‘Australia’s Eco­nomic Mir­a­cle’, pdf file about 100k)”: to a post-graduate eco­nom­ics forum, Gary Banks (Chair­man of the “Aus­tralian Pro­duc­tiv­ity Commission”: out­lines the nature and ori­gins of pro­duc­tiv­ity gains in the Aus­tralian econ­omy since the early 1990’s that has seen our out­put per per­son climb from 16th in the OECD to 8th […]