Monthly Archives: August 2003

Inappropriate protection

Australia’s official view of the appropriate level of protection against imported plant or animal pests and diseases can be characterised as: “complete protection whatever the cost“. Our trading partners, naturally, find this hard to take; the Philippines raised its objections[⇒ related story] last month. Now the European Union has formally challenged the policy in the […]

Unforced Errors

It’s easy enough to fall into the trap. In hot pursuit of an argument we sometimes grasp at evidence that isn’t quite what it seems.

Opening markets helps development & growth

I’ve argued this before[⇒ related story] on this site. I’ve now been asked by the Australian “National Farmers’ Federation(link to NFF website)”:// to put the arguments briefly for discussion by global farm industry leaders meeting during the Cancún meeting of WTO. You are welcome to help yourself to a “copy(link to PDF file, about 90k)”: […]

Officials give up on ‘diplomatic’ solutions

There’s only so much you can do with words. At some point, disagreements have to be resolved by someone in charge agreeing to make changes. This has finally started to happen in Geneva bq. Trade negotiators gave up on attempts to narrow differences over how to open up international trade and create a binding global […]

Experts put long odds on WTO deal

The “Institute of International Business Economics and Law(link to the Institute website)”: at Adelaide University conducts a unique global poll of WTO insiders including Geneva negotiators, senior government officials and analysts in which it tests trends in the community that comprises World Trade Organization decision makers.

EU & US plan will keep barriers in place

Its important to understand the impact of the US and EU ‘joint’ proposal[⇒ related story] for the future of world agriculture trade. Although it has been criticised[⇒ related story] from all sides, the paper has already been incorporated into the proposed “draft declaration(link to story in the Globe and Mail)”: put forward by the Chairman […]

The origins of ‘luck’

In a “speech(link to ‘Australia’s Economic Miracle’, pdf file about 100k)”: to a post-graduate economics forum, Gary Banks (Chairman of the “Australian Productivity Commission”: outlines the nature and origins of productivity gains in the Australian economy since the early 1990’s that has seen our output per person climb from 16th in the OECD to 8th […]