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Positive unilateralism

bq.  “… The ostensible U.S. position is an odd one. We accept the principle that trade in agricultural goods ought to be liberalized, and that this is a matter of justice as well as of efficiency. But we’re not willing to give any more than Europe and Japan are–and “Europe,” in this case, means “France.” […]

Developing countries must open their markets

There’s a real danger that developing country negotiators will allow ‘political correctness‘ to get in the way of a good result for their own trading interests in the WTO Agriculture negotiations. The PC view is that developing countries need to protect their markets to allow their ‘infant’ agricultural industries to grow or to safeguard their […]

‘Outsourcing’ at home

The “outsourcing(link to Brad DeLong’s site)”:/ issue has an aspect that is much closer to home for many householders in industrialized countries. Here’s an honest and insightful account from “Mats Lind(link to Pandora’s Blog)”:

The storm builds

The US-EU joint paper[⇒ related story] has provoked others into trying their hand at a new approach to a WTO deal on reforming world agricultural trade. Look for a paper in the next day or so from India, China and Brazil that * calls for the elimination of export subsidies * cracks-down on domestic support […]

Better prognosis for TRIPS and public health

“Reuters(link to Reuters Health Information site)”: reports that a new compromise on TRIPS and public health may put the issue to rest before the Cancún meeting.

Comments fixed

My apologies to those of you who tried to leave a comment but could not. All items are now open for your comments. Thank you.

New rules for regional trade agreements?

WTO’s suggestion for turning the proliferation of ‘free trade agreements’ to positive account. bq. “Two ground rules of policy behaviour could help to consolidate and build upon the benefits of regionalism and promote a more effective multilateral trading system . bq. The first rule would be to refrain from engaging in regional commitments (on issues […]