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Comic book critics

I am amazed by how little the economic press understands the WTO.  It’s by no means an obscure organization; nor is it unimporant[⇒ related story]. But typical assessments of the collapse of the Cancún talks are naive (to use a gentle word). Robert Kutner

Overview of parallel importing

The “Center for the New Europe(link to CNE website)”: has pulblished a “paper(link to PDF file, about 730k)”: by Jacob Arfwedson that reviews the debates about the impact of parallel importing on markets for pharmaceuticals. It’s well worth reading.  Arfwedson concludes that the evidence of the benefits of parallel importing or access to genetic drugs […]

Understanding the costs of quarantine

Over the past two days I attended and spoke at the Quarantine and Market Access conference organized in Canberra by the Quarantine and Export Advisory Committee to the Australian Minister for Agriculture. You can “download”: a PDF version of my presentation (about 600kb) by clicking the image. My argument will be familiar to readers of […]

WTO trade benefits: more evidence

“Arnold Kling(link to EconLog)”: and “others(link to Tyler Cowan story)”: have pointed to the findings of a recent study funded by the National Bureau of Economic Resarch that suggests that the WTO may not do what many people would reasonably expect it to do: increase trade or reduce barriers to trade. Based on experience I […]

Prestowitz calls for “disarmament”

Maybe the sky is falling. What a pleasure to be able to agree with Clyde Prestowitz … for once. The self described trade ‘hawk’ of the Reagan administration

Stumbling over the TRIPS agreement

“Daniel Drezner”: is a clever advocate for liberal market policies. He ventures some “criticisms of EU ambitions”: in the WTO in his latest TechCentralStation article that I agree with. But he trips-up along the way. bq. Until TRIPS(Agreement on Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights), there was a very clear dividing line between what the global […]


Equity and irrational behavior. ” If both (Capuchin Monkeys) received a piece of cucumber as a reward, they behaved as before. However, if Brosnan gave one a grape, which they considered a more prized morsel, the other often refused to accept the cucumber. Worse still, if one monkey was rewarded for doing nothing, then four […]