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Is global growth a ‘public good’?

Arnold Kling

Not your average bunker-buster

Hurricanes gather heat over the tropical ocean, using the energy to drive condensation, winds, a lot of noise, etc. ” A fully developed hurricane can release heat energy at a rate of 5 to 20×1013 watts and converts less than 10% of the heat into the mechanical energy of the wind.  The heat release is […]

IMF World Economic Outlook

IMF Economic Counsellor, Ken Rogoff, is

Yes, Virginia, the WTO matters a great deal

meta-creation_date: 16 September, 2003 Is the WTO good for anything? Some economists (“John Quiggin”:, “Arnold Kling”: ) whom I would have expected to answer “yes” are expressing doubts.  The collapse of the talks in Cancún will prompt a lot of questions about the utility of the WTO and, of course, the cynics will have all […]

Why it ended without finishing

Even the best accounts of the final hours of the Cancún Ministerial Meeting of WTO seem to avoid answering a couple of obvious questions: # Why did this disagreement mean the end of talks for now? There is no lack of disagreements at Cancún: after all, that’s why we have negotiations—to bridge the differences Why […]

Battle at the buffet table

The negotiations entered a new phase early Saturday afternoon with the issue of a new ‘chairmans’ text’ (more details below). We’re now at Step 4[⇒ related story] in the negotiations where most of the bargaining takes place. This revised Chairman’s text is under detailed discussion in smaller groups of key countries chaired by the Chairman […]

It’s over … for now

The failure point was the four so-called ‘Singapore issues’: specifically the objections of a broad coalition of Asian, Carribbean and African countries to proposals for further work on Trade Facilitation (improving the regulations affecting the movement of goods through ports, and regulations surrounding financial transactions and customs clearances). The Singapore Issues were put on the […]