Monthly Archives: October 2003

Distribution of duties on agricultural exports

On average, about 60% of the agricultural exports of developing countries go to industrialized countries. But industrialized countries are collecting a smaller proportion of duties on the agricultural exports of developing countries. This is due in part to the lower average applied tariffs on agriculture in industrialized countries: of course, this average “smooths out” the […]

Impressions of Sai Gon

Nowhere in Vietnam is it more obvious than in Ho Chi Minh city that this country will achieve a level of prosperity at least as high as Thailand in record time. Hanoi bustles and obviously revels in commercial success. But it barely holds a candle to the blazing neon of HCM City; Sai Gon that […]

Workshops in Vietnam

I’m in Vietnam this week and next giving workshops for officials of the central and provincial governments and some state-owned businesses on WTO. Vietnam has decided it wants to complete it’s accession to WTO by 2005, so they are stepping up the training programs. Hanoi earlier this week, Da Nang for the next couple of […]

Mercosur Parliament?

The Brazilian President is” title=”link to the Washington Times report”>reportedly pressing for deeper political integration in Latin America, including a regional parliament. “The parliament, according to Lula, would represent the interests of nations in the Mercosur trading bloc, namely Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Lula has expressed interest in expanding Mercosur to encompass more […]

Wal-Mart welfare

The “Seattle Post Intelligencer(link to the P.I. editorial page)”: asks the right questions about the US trade imbalance with China. bq. Ten of China’s top 40 exporters are U.S. companies with local factories. Many of these make things that stretch U.S. paychecks because they’re sold at the always low prices at Wal-Mart. Does the president […]

Leadership in the trading system

“Jeffrey Sachs(Sachs’ home page)”: pulls no more punches than he usually does in a Financial Times op-ed article on 15 October (if you don’t have an FT subscription you can get the article “here(link to Sachs home page at Colombia University: pdf file about 50k)”: as a PDF file about 50k). bq. “The central problem […]

WTO dispute ‘scorecard’

It’s not very accurate to talk of ‘winning’ a WTO dispute. A ‘win’ may mean a decision in favour of the complainant or the respondent on only one of several grounds. And the ‘win’ may or may not result in changes that satisfy the complainant, since the obligation in a dispute is to restore compliance […]