Monthly Archives: November 2003

The mercantilism of WTO

Taking a swing at the WTO has become a sort of sport that any amateur can join. Since the Canuún debacle, dozens of researchers have tried to make a few wild punches look like telling blows. Grant Nülle, a Research Fellow at the “Council on Hemispheric Affairs”: in Washington has now joined the crew. He […]

China Anti-dumping bill amended

It seems that the Australian government has had a last-minute change of plans for it’s proposed laws[⇒ related story] implementing non-market economy anti-dumping against China. The bill tabled yesterday in the Senate—Customs Legislation Amendment Bill No 2 (2002)—is a major revision of its first proposals (see this earlier story[⇒ related story]). The Labor Party opposition, […]

A model for what?

The “BBC says”: that this agreement could be a ‘model’ for other trials of the citizens of US allies held in the US concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay. bq. The Americans have agreed that the two men will not face the death penalty, but they could face a military tribunal at the US base in […]

What the textile quotas mean

The US decision to impose new ‘safeguard’ quotas on imports of some Chinese textiles can only be described as a dumb move by an Administration that has apparently not learned the lesson of the steel ‘safeguard’ tariffs: they don’t protect jobs or promote adjustment. They hike costs, hurt productivity and reward lazy capital. It’s not […]

Cultural protectionists

The cultural protectionists of the Australian film and television industry are complete blockheads. If they received the “protection from competition”:,5744,7926756%255E2702,00.html that they seek, it would cut them off from integration withUS media industries that are globally more sucessful and on which they depend for funding, distribution, technology and …jobs. But their vanity and arrogance is […]

Distant echo

On the day he was assassinated, 40 years ago, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was on his way to the Dallas Trade Mart to give a speech. A reporter assigned to cover the event “recalls(link to Opinion Journal)”: what Kennedy would have said, in part. bq. “We in this country, in this generation,” he would have said, […]

Grand Strategies

meta-creation_date: 21 November, 2003 The French and German governments have nothing better to do, it “appears(link to IHT story)”:, than to indulge themselves in the creation of “ideal cities(link to the Milan National Science Museum exhibition of Leonardo’s Ideal city)”: bq. “…a mistily defined political fusion that Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin nonetheless described as […]