Monthly Archives: December 2003

A birth and a birthday

meta-creation_date: 31/12/2003 10:00:00 Two events on 1 January point to a decade of turbulent changes in the global trading system. First, a birth: Hong Kong and China form a free-trade area, bringing the wealthy territory into an ecomomic union with China more than a century and half afterit was claimed by Britain during the colonial […]

What you don’t want for Christmas

“Reports”: of a presumed case of BSE (“Mad Cow Disease“)in Washington state. bq. Ann Veneman, agriculture secretary, said a single Holstein cow from a farm in Washington state tested “presumptive positive” after it went to slaughter as a “downer”, an animal too sick to walk. Results are awaited from a sample sent by a US […]

Not altruism, but customer focus

“George W Merck”: a commencement day speech at Richmond, Virginia, December 1, 1950 bq. We try to remember that medicine is for the patient. We try never to forget that medicine is for the people. It is not for the profits. The profits follow, and if we have remembered that, they have never failed to […]

China moves to protect private property

One of the most challenging aspects of China’s integration into the world economy is the weak application of the rule of law to interactions between private and public spheres (as well as among individuals). It “appears(link to Financial Times story)”: that this may be about to change bq. China’s Communist party on Monday formally called […]

A union of indifference

meta-creation_date: 23 December, 2003 While gushing praise for Blair’s “statemanship”, “Dominique Moisi”: aims a well-crafted brickbat at his EU peers: bq. “What unites the current leaders of Europe is their common indifference to the fate of the Union. Each has contributed his own shovelful of earth to the grave of Europe, from the incompetence of […]

Energy and security

meta-creation_date: 23 December, 2003 Jeffrey Sachs “argues”: in the Financial Times [subscription] that US middle east policies are distorted by erroneous cacluations of US energy vulnerability. bq. “… his [Vice-President Cheney’s] long-standing vision of using military might to secure US energy needs has been as erroneous as his assumptions about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. […]

The wasteful debate on the “digital divide”

As-salamat alaikum. It’s 5.15 am: still dark in sleepy Chittagong. The muezzin has decided, however, that we all need to get up now. The hollow howl of public address systems all over this part of the city make sure everyone hears the call—Allahu-akhbar. According to The Daily Life[⇒related story] newspaper, the Bangladesh PM, Begum Khaleda […]