Monthly Archives: March 2004

On the road again

At present, I’m on the road (‘in the air’?) to Nairobi for a ‘Business For Development’ conference sponsored by the UNCTAD-WTO International Trade Center. I’ll be disucssing market access negotiations on non-agricultural products with a group of senior African officials and business leaders. Indications from a preliminary email-conference are that many African business organizations don’t […]

End of Textile and Garment quotas

This is the death certificate (or should be) of the forty year-old Multifibre Agreement quantitative restrictions on imports of textiles and garments into Austria, Canada, Finland, EC, Norway, USA (Sweden and Japan no longer have quotas). bq. Pursuant to Article 2 of the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC), I have the honour to notify […]

One for the punter

The Financial Times “reports(link to Subscription page on the FT site)”: [sub] that the USA has lost a case on internet gambling brought by Antigua and Barbuda. The Carribbean states claimed that the USA must, under its own schedule of commitments on services trade, allow off-shore casinos access to customers that is equivalent to the […]

Punishing preferences

It pays to look critically at analogies between the way we manage conflicts in municipal law and the management of conflicts between governments over trade policies. Although micro-economic concepts translate well from the interaction of individuals to the interaction of ‘sovereigns’ the legal parallels are much weaker than they seem. I share “John Quiggin’s view”: […]

Anti-dumping by whom and on what

Two-thirds of anti-dumping cases launched since the end of the Uruguay Round of WTO trade negotiations have been targetted at developing countries (about 15% of all actions against China alone). If you count the Rep. of Korea as a developing country the proportion of cases launched against developing countries jumps to almost three-quarters. But developing […]


Over the past week I’ve been back in Dakha and Chittagong to participate in workshops with the Chanmbers of Commerce in both cities. While I was in Chittagong, the annual trade fair was coming to a close: I managed a vist on the last evening. A woman tries on bangles at the Chittagong trade fair […]

Bush endorses exports

Reports of President Bush’s speech sound like the sort of thing you wish he’d been not only saying but doing consistently for the past four years … bq. Wednesday’s robustly worded speech was aimed at persuading voters that economic openness had been a source of the country’s growth and prosperity, and that Democratic efforts to […]