Monthly Archives: April 2004

Simply put

meta-creation_date: 29 April, 2004 We’re at least 5 – 6 months away from a WTO decision on the US “cotton support program”: But the CSM hits the nail on the head. bq. When the US government gives away some $4 billion to American cotton farmers in return for a crop that’s valued at only $3 […]

Hanoi visit

meta-creation_date: 27 April, 2004 Original of the “Towers of Hanoi(from the dictionary of data structures and algorithms)”: problem I’m in Hanoi for a few days to work on a project with the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development. We’re devising a ‘roadmap’ for the integration of Vietnam’s agricultural policies into the global trading system defined […]

Rocks in the harbour

meta-creation_date: 26 April, 2004 Clyde Prestowitz warns pro-outsourcing economists that their argument doesn’t make sense in cases where the price of foreign labor is distorted by government policies such as exchange rate manipulation. bq. If they wish to avoid the political protectionistreaction, economists would do well to stop repeating the truisms of free trade and […]

A free trade offer from ASEAN

The Australian Associated Press—oblivious to the “dangling participle(link to a dictionary of grammar)”:’s wry insight—confusedly report that bq. After years of courting the 10-member grouping, and being stymiedby Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad, ASEAN economic ministers plan to invite Australian Prime Minister John Howard and his NZ counterpart Helen Clark to a leaders’ meeting in Laos […]

Neoconservatives and American foreign policy

Zachary Selden, who is the director of the Defence and Security Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, argues that bq. … many European commentators and much of the public are resorting to conspiratorial theories to explain the direction of U.S. foreign policy and somehow overlook the factthat American public opinion runs in favor of the […]

Fewer new anti-dumping cases

The WTO reports a 30 percent fall in the number of anti-dumping investigations launched by Members in the second half of 2003, compared to the corrresponding period in 2002. bq. 14 Members initiated 115 anti-dumping investigations against exports from a total of 30 different countries or customs territories … 46 of the 115 initiations during […]

EU offer to Mercosur

The Herald Tribune is reporting more details on the proposed ‘free trade’ area. bq. European officials refused… to discuss farm subsidies – a topic also bogging down the Free Trade Area of the Americas talks. Instead, Brussels proposed a two-step approach by which it would initially offer Mercosur more generous import quotas for key agricultural […]