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Oh frab­ju­ous day! What is a life with­out “Ulysses”? What is a home with­out Plumtree’s Pot­ted Meat? Here’s himself—“James Augus­tine Aloy­sius Joyce”:—reading from Finnegan’s Wake. To cel­e­brate the cen­te­nary, some old news: a fac­sim­i­le of the Dublin Evening Tele­graph (the ‘last pink’ edi­tion) for 16 June, 1904 which you might find a use­ful sub­sti­tute for […]

China’s growth

Stephen Kirch­n­er points to an excel­lent recent arti­cle in the FT on Chi­nese growth. He notes: bq. Huang also ques­tions the all-per­­va­­sive “Made in Chi­na” label. He sug­gests that “Processed in Chi­na” is a more accu­rate char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion, as well as hav­ing dif­fer­ent con­no­ta­tions (“institutional-economics”: In fact, the ASEAN sec­re­tari­at claims that 55 per­cent of China’s […]

Report to Senate Committee on FTA

The bat­tle of the mod­ellers over the US-Aus­­tralia free trade agree­ment con­tin­ues. The crit­ics of pref­er­en­tial trade agree­ments (PTA’s) have won the lat­est round. A report com­mis­sioned by the Sen­ate Com­mit­tee look­ing at the US-Aus­­tralia FTA from “Dr Philip­pa Dee”: claims that the Agreement’s costs out­weigh the ben­e­fits, accord­ing to the Aus­tralian news­pa­per, due to […]

Does UNCTAD get it (at last)?

For many years, the UN Con­fer­ence on Trade and Devel­op­ment (UNCTAD) has been a fount of anti-glob­al­ist, anti-cap­i­­tal­ist and—not infrequently—anti-market rhetoric. It has railed, rather self-indul­­gen­t­­ly, on behalf of the devel­op­ing economies of the South against appar­ent­ly pow­er­ful but ill-defined giants such as the dis­crim­i­na­to­ry trade poli­cies of the North­ern (read OECD ) economies and […]

Market access matters

The FT’s cor­re­spon­dent in Geneva—Guy de Jonquières—reports on the wide dif­fer­ences that remain between the WTO mem­bers on how to ‘sub­tan­tial­ly improve’ access to high­ly pro­tect­ed mark­ts for agri­cul­ture. bq. Under US and EU pres­sure, the G20 last week set out broad prin­ci­ples for this month’s talks, but offered no spe­cif­ic pro­pos­als for nar­row­ing gaps […]

Shameless self-promotion

Guide to Dis­pute Set­tle­ment Peter Gal­lagher bq. This guide to bring­ing a case before the WTO,or respond­ing to a case already in progress,is an easy-to-use book and an ide­al start­ing-point for lawyers,business people,or gov­ern­ment offi­cials con­front­ed with a dis­putable trade issue.It is sure to find a place in the work­ing library of peo­ple every­where con­cerned […]

WTO Annual Report for 2004

The first of four reports to appear each year is now avail­able. bq. The organization’s annu­al report to its mem­bers and the pub­lic on insti­tu­tion­al mat­ters, includ­ing descrip­tions of its main activ­i­ties and infor­ma­tion on its bud­get and staff. The Annu­al Report is pub­lished in the first half of each year. (“WTO”: The annu­al report […]