Monthly Archives: July 2004

Is ASEAN integrating?

“No”, says this story from the Economist:ASEAN trade with China has grown faster than internal trade under the preferentia tariff. bq. No one knows what proportion of trade within ASEAN actually takes advantage of the Common Effective Preferential Tariff, as the AFTA-mandated rates are known. Some estimates put the figure as low as 5 percent. […]

Second Grosser text

The proposed basis for agreement on the key topic of Agriculture has been distributed—at the very last moment (Friday morning in Geneva). Ambassador Grosser’s second attempt is more vague on market access and on the manipulation of the ‘blue box’ of domestic supports. But it now has greatersymmetry between the derogations available to industrialized and […]

The power of an image

    The NY Times It’s 1953 and you’re the anonymous NY Times correspondent who’s detailed to report the discovery by James Watson and Frank Crick of the double-helical structure of DNA. You have a hundred words to ‘grab’ the reader, name the discoverers, convey the importance of their discovery and tie the story somehow to the […]

US bucks global shrimp price

The US has announced smaller than expected preliminary anti-dumping duties on imports of shrimp from Thailand, India, Ecuador and Brazil. bq. The duties will affect imports that last year were worth nearly $1.7bn (€1.4bn, £933m), and come on top of tariffs imposed earlier this month against shrimp imports from Vietnam and China worth more than […]

Balkanizing demand

Greedy contempt for consumers’ choice in the protection of closed hardware is increasingly common. bq. On Thursday however Apple warned that it may also block access to iPod using Harmony the next time it updates the software used to run the device. “It is highly likely that Real’s Harmony technology will cease to work with current […]

Is Kerry a ‘free trader’? Does it matter?

From the Democratic Party convention, Matthew Yglesias (thanks, “Ben”: offers us half a piece of comfort: bq. Laura Tyson is, as we speak, assuring us that a Kerry administration will not break with Bush-Clinton-Bushpursuit of multilateral trade and investment agreements. (“Matthew Yglesias”: Yglesias interprets this assurance as meaning that “Kerry would be better for free […]

The cost of ‘failure’

I’m sorry to see that Martin Wolf has joined the casandras warning us of the immense harm to the WTO system if Members fail to reach agreement on a negotiating framework this week. I doubt that there is much danger to the system, although there may be a danger to the current EU offer on […]