Monthly Archives: August 2004

Strategic shadows

Naturally, given China’s rapid economic growth and the higher profile it has adopted in foreign policy in the past two or three years, our interest tends to be in what China will become. But we also have to pay close attention to what we will become as a result of our relations with China. Although […]

The ‘great sucking sound’ revisited

I quickly get out of my comfortable depth when the discussion turns to macro-analysis and the mysteries of monetary policy. So I’m happy to conceed Stephen Kirchner’s more expert “criticism”: (18 August) of “Martin Wolf(Financial Times, subscription)”: over the global impact of the US current account deficit, now reaching 5 percent of GDP. But, if […]

China FTA: How they do it in the Philippines

The China-ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) negotiation of a “Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement” is progressing slowly. In March 2003 China offered an ASEAN an ‘early harvest’ package of liberalization of agricultural products. But the Phlippines, an agricultural producer,has now rejected more than half of the proposed deal: bq. “China has offered 400 products […]

Tales of globalization—-cement

Cement is one of those cyclical-demand products that typically figure in a rash of anti-dumping cases around the world every few years. As a business cycle starts to tip down towards its trough, cement makers ‘dump’—that is sell at prices designed to cover fixed costs, well below long-run average costs—in order to stay in business. […]

Limits of Chinese offer on agriculture

The third of Long Yongtu’s “four points”: was made more explicit in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald bq. “Agriculture is a sensitive area … We cannot provide Australia with country specific quotas. That would cause a lot of concern among other countries.” Mr Long said China could not grant Australia larger export quotas […]

Conference on an Australia-China FTA

Highlights of the day-and-a-half “APEC Center conference(pdf version of the conference program)”: on the proposed FTA with China: * Paul Kelly’s comments on why the creation of a closer relationship with China has already begun and why it helps to create a desirable future for Australia. Kelly recalled the iconic decision of Australia’s conservative government […]

What China wants in a ‘free trade’ agreement

The Sydney “conference(conference program—pdf file about 200k)”: on the proposed Free Trade Agreement with China heard a keynote speech tonight from the former negotiator of China’s accession to the WTO, Long Yongtu, in which he set out, for the first time, some of China’s ideas on the content of the proposed ‘free trade’ agreement. Long, […]