Monthly Archives: September 2004

WTO report on US cotton subsidies

Hit with a brick could summarize this story. The WTO Dispute Panel report condemning US Cotton Subsidies is 3cm thick and weighs more than a kilo. Key points: some marketing supports built into the 2002 Farm Bill are illegal export subsidies that must be eliminated. Some income supports in the Farm Bill that the USA […]

Using trade barriers to safeguard ‘values’

This speech is important, if you’re interested in the problems of global governance. It’s an interesting, typically intellectual, parting shot from one of Europe’s brightest and most experienced public servants. Lamy’s argument doesn’t succeed, in my view, because he jumps too easily from a description of the success with which WTO has handled this challenge […]

Would Kerry cut foreign investment?

Robert Gottliebsen, The Australian’s business columnist, is ringing alarm bells over Senator Kerry’s threat to attack US tax incentives for foreign direct investment and ‘offshoring’. But the incentives are only a small fraction of the US income from foreign direct investment; their withdrawal would be unlikely to impact China and India at all. Gottliebsen quotes […]

WTO World Trade Report 2004

Some bombshells in this round up of world trade data and recent thinking on global economic policy. Don’t be fooled by the bland exterior: there are chapters on the role of efffective government in trade success (enforceability of contracts is a good proxy), the role of international cartels in theimport prices paid by developing countries […]

Lion Nathan quits China

Australia’s second-biggest brewer was chased out of the Chinese market by competition for market share and the difficulty of managing a distribution-based business in China According to “The Age”: Lion Nathan’s three breweries in the Yangtze River delta increased sales volumes by an astounding 63 per cent in the six months to March 31 but […]

How to improve trade with China

Four ‘to do’ items listed by a top official of China’s trade and investment promotion agency for a visiting US delegation. Competitors take note. The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) promotes trade and investment in both directions. It’s “website”: is an essential port of call for anyone looking for the official […]

Global integration builds

Not even a combination of disasters have stopped the trend to global integration. Fascinating data just released from the A T Kearny survey of global integration in 2002 shows that the world networks of communication, personal contact and political engagement grew stronger despite a continued fall in foreign investment and foreign travel in that year. […]