Monthly Archives: October 2004

Asian business views on WTO

I spent a couple of days in the last week at a conference organized by the UN International Trade Centre in Manila (Philippines) in which 45 business leaders (CEOs of export companies, industry association executives) and government officials from 16 Asian and Middle East countries discussed thestate of the multilateral trading system and the Doha […]

WTO rules against EU sugar subsidies

WTO legal decisions are crushing the use of so-called ‘domestic’ supports to subsidize exports of agricultural products. Yesterday the WTO released the Panel’s condemnation of two forms of EU sugar subsidies—first reported “here”:—that have helped to cripple world markets # Annual subsidies on 1.6 million tonnes of sugar that the EU imports, duty free, from […]

Where they earn their living

Guess what share farming has in the income of people in the United States who live outside the cities? Would you say as much as 50 percent? No? How about 20 percent? Too much …? Too little … ? Here’s another way to think about the question? How much do civil servants in non-metro areas […]

Vietnam one step nearer WTO

No other nation with such credible commitment to commercial success remains outside the WTO. Now that the EU has reached bilateral agreement with Vietnam on the terms of its membership of WTO, the biggest hurdle is bilateral agreement with the United States. bq. Intense talks on the sidelines of the Asia-Europe meeting ran from Tuesday […]

Thailand-Japan deal disappoints

Just as it will put a ceiling on Thailand’s opportunities in the Japanese market so the weak offer that the Thai PM extracted from his Japanese counterpart this weekend will affect our opportunities in Thailand. bq. Thailand had agreed to drop its demand that Japan eliminate import tariffs on rice, and in return Japan will […]

A case for settlement

In fact there’s a depressing precendent for the cases announced yesterday bq. In a dispute settlement case filed at the Geneva headquarters of the WTO, the US alleged that Airbus had received a total of at least $15bn in illegal “launch aid” from the France, UK, Germany and Spain, allowing it to overtake Boeing as […]

Future Trade Agenda: Fossil fuels

I recently posted some “ideas”: on the short-term to do list for the next Australian trade minister. This is the first of what I intend will be a series of articles about some longer term challenges for Australian trade andeconomic policies that I believe merit much closer attention and planning. h4. Why we need a […]