Monthly Archives: October 2004

Can access barriers stop child-pornography?

The editorial in today’s “Australian newspaper”:,5744,10961023^7583,00.html is as sonorous as the rest of the media—but less shrill than many—in suggesting some obvious answers: bigger penalties, global law-enforcement cooperationand censorship of information flows via the Internet bq.  The supply obviously exists to meet a ready local demand that must be dealt with. While possessing child pornography […]

Currency adjustments postponed

Yet again China has avoided any specific committments on floating it’s currency, which is highly likely to appreciated in value were it not pegged to a US dollar rate. bq. What was left unsaid was that the current economic imbalances are boosting economic performance of most large economies and there is little appetite for the […]

Textile ‘big bang’ worries poor countries

The WTO has agreed to hold further consultations on the phase-out, this December, of long-standing quota barriers to textile and garment imports. Less competitive developing country exporters fear they will lose business to China, India, Egypt and Pakistan once their quota-guaranteed shares of theUnited States and European markets are eliminated. The quotas create market entry […]