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Developing country interest in agriculture negotiations

Developing countries that stand back from full participation in trade reforms in the current round of trade negotiations are only short-changing themselves and other developing countries. That was the message I offered to a ‘round table’ between the National Farmers’ Federation and Oxfam Australia in Canberra last week. I’ve included my notes and presentation below […]

The thunderer lets fly

The NY Times blasts trans-Atlantic trade policies: “Listening to these two [EU and USA] economic powerhouses snipe about who should be doing what is revolting; neither is doing anything real.” The paper is right, of course: the agricultural support and protection policies of the EC, Japan and the USA—not to mention India (the editorial doesn’t)—are […]


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The ‘swoosh’ of trade policy

The Globalization Insitute, a newly-minted, self-described ‘Cobdenite’ group in London has published it’s second paper in which Dr Razeen Sally—described, by the Institute’s publicist, as “Europe’s most senior trade economist”—presents his prescriptions for “the future of trade, development and international institutions”. Just do it is Dr Sally’s recommendation to governments on trade liberalization; an unfortunately […]

I podcast

Courtesy of James Reese, of, 10 minutes or so “viva voce“: on the subjects of trade advocacy, borders, bargaining and the mythical 800-pound gorilla

Who is to blame for the slow pace in WTO?

The out-going Director General of WTO has called for more direct exchange between ‘decision makers’, claiming that the lack of decision over the past month is due to defensiveness on the part of Geneva-based diplomats. But it’s not the diplomats who set the pace of WTO negotiations. Governments aren’t moving quickly because they are not […]

Court TV comes to WTO

A Panel session with the parties to the latest dispute in the long-running beef hormones dispute will be televised. This is the first time that a WTO disputes procedure has been opened to non-participants and to the public The Chair of the Panel has written to the WTO Secretariat, ordering theinnovation bq.  With regard to […]