Monthly Archives: August 2005

The rhetoric of advocacy

Metaphors in dis­putes over trade pol­i­cy often run in a reli­gious vein: ‘free trade’ is an arti­cle of faith; pro­tec­tion is—or, per­haps, is not—a sin; pro­tec­tion­ists are dis­ci­ples of dark­ness; reformers—or reactionaries—are evan­ge­lists of hope and ratio­nal­i­ty. In the debates on trade pol­i­cy, as in the even more vicious debates on devel­op­ment pol­i­cy, the rhetoric […]

WTO and tax subsidies

The WTO pro­hibits the use of tax laws to dis­tort mar­kets for goods, ser­vices and invest­ment. For more than 30 years, these rules have been the occa­sion for fierce trans-Atlantic bat­tles and some debat­able dis­putes deci­sions. In the past 5 years, com­pli­ance action by WTO on the use of direct tax exemp­tions has led to […]