Monthly Archives: September 2005

Optimists on WTO: now there are two of us

A long-time cam­paign­er for Green­peace (Chair­man of Green­peace South East Asia), ‘social jus­tice’ advo­cate, and mem­ber of the ICTSD Board, Walden­Bel­lo has can­ni­ly iden­ti­fied nego­ti­a­tions on Mode 4 (move­ment of labor) in the Ser­vices nego­ti­a­tions and the USA/EC wran­gle over the ‘Blue Box’ in the Agri­cul­ture nego­ti­a­tions as hold­ing keys that could unlock con­ver­gence … […]

Climate change and economic ‘rationalism’

It means only pro­por­tion­al­i­ty; weigh­ing costs against ben­e­fits and seek­ing pos­i­tive returns, for pub­lic and pri­vate invest­ment of resources includ­ing those held in col­lec­tive own­er­ship. Some of the hard­est conun­drums of pub­lic pol­i­cy call for a ratio­nal approach to man­ag­ing large-scale, long-term, risks in the face of pub­lic reac­tion that is more like pan­ic. For […]