Monthly Archives: October 2005

WTO agriculture market access – the movie

You can access the market access proposals, as of about 12 October, here on the ICTSD site along with a fairly good coverage of the latest developments. I thought about providing some analysis of the different impacts of these proposals. But by the time I had that done, they might well have changed again—there were […]

Proposals for farm trade reforms surface

The U.S. Trade Representative has publicly revealed parts of the U.S. proposals on agriculture negotiations ahead of the Zurich Ministerial Meeting this weekend and the WTO General Councilnext week. The EU, too, has been briefing the press on its less ambitious approach. The revelations are in line with the details I offered last week. It’s […]

Zoellick waves a big stick

Nothing is so damaging to the credibility of the WTO’s trade regime as a lack of respect for it’s provisions by the major economies. The U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, who should know better, has threatened a unilateral ‘preemptive’ strike at Brazilian tariff preferences in the U.S. market if Brazil proceeds with a request—that it […]

The limits of copyright protection

In a series of posts, Kim Weatherall has illuminated the impact of the High Court’s decision that Australia copyright law—for the present— protects the consumer’s right to access copyright materials acquired in contravention of the right owner’s attempts to segment the global market supply (by price discrimination). I read this decision, casually, as a confirmation […]

A couple more inches in the agriculture negotiations

There has been some better definition of proposals—perhaps the start of some convergence on an agreement—in the crucial talks on Agriculture in the Doha Round of WTO negotiations over the past two weeks. Some of my readers will know this very well, others may however be interested in a brief summary Agreement between the USA […]

Back to the future: an Australia-Japan FTA

The Australian Financial Review carried an op-Ed piece from me on 30 September arguing that there is plenty of evidence in our past economic relationship with Japan of how we could jointly find a more prosperous future. For more details, read on h4. Australia-Japan FTA—leapfrogging growth Japan and Australia are each trying in different ways […]