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World Trade Rule site

Still interested in some of the stuff on my old WTR site? An essay on ‘globalization’ and trade? A manual on the TRIPS agreement?. It’s still there.

Access to the Inquit Standards Database

The Inquit database of SPS and TBT standards is still available has been retired and replaced with new database of SPS measures (see this story). The data on SPS measures and TBT measures had a number of errors due, mostly, to the inconsistent way that Members filled out their notifications in the first few years of the WTO system. The new datbase is much more accurate, and links directly to the WTO notifications so, after finding the measure(s) you’re interested in, you can download the details from WTO.

Climate change concern

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WTO and Developing Countries

here to open WTODC in a new window”>WTO and Developing Countries Cover page

The World Trade Organization has commissioned Inquit to write a number of publications. One of the first—in 1999—was “WTO and Developing Countries”, which described the impact on Developing Country members of the Uruguay Round Agreements and the provisions that the agreements made specifically for development.

Why market access matters to developing countries

Just before the September 2003 Cancún Ministerial Conference of WTO, the Australian National Farmers’ Federation commmissioned me to write a pamphlet for the Cairns’ Group Farm Leaders’ meeting on the importance of market access to developing country gains in the Doha Round of trade negotiations.

Although it’s now more than three years old, and the trade data is a little dated, the analysis still works. You can download a somewhat colorful printed version of the booklet from website of the Rural Industry Research and Development Corporation, who published the pamphlet for NFF.

International impact on food regulations

food regulation flow chartThe

Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission engaged Inquit to survey the costs that obligations under international agreements and the requirements of trading partners impose on food producers, processors and wholesalers in the state of Victoria. More than two-thirds of Victorian food production is for the export market.

Global Trade Advocate

download a copy of Global Trade Advocate (pdf:2.2mb)”>Global Trade Advocate is Inquit’s guide to advocacy on behalf of the global trading interests of your business or industry association. It shows you how to go about defining your interests in the trading system, how to analyze the opportunities, how to build support for your goals in the trading system and—most important—how to identify and persuade the decision-makers.

GTA contains examples of firms and associations that have achieved benefits a thousand-times greater than their investments in pursuit of their interests in breaking down barriers to trade or winning a fairer deal from the system. 

Allan Beattie, World Trade Editor for the Financial Times of London says:

“Mr Gallagher’s advice is valuable … the rewards can be huge … the case for business to pay attention to trading rules is compelling.”

Hugh Morgan AO, former Chairman of the Business Council of Australia says:

“Great assistance to business, media and educational undertakings in gaining a grounding in the International Trade activities that provide such a significant part of the institutional framework.

Andrew Stoler, former Deputy Director-General of WTO says:

“An excellent practical guide through the often confused maze of trade negotiations and agreements.  Peter Gallagher’s expert counsel is exactly what a businessperson needs to convert policy opportunities into dollars and cents.”