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Activities in 2007

Access the Inquit database of SPS measures

A map (click for a bet­ter view), at no par­tic­u­lar scale, of some of my activ­i­ties in 2007. A lot of trav­el­ing, some out­stand­ing meals—grilled Cro­ker fish and wild greens in Abuja, bar­be­cue mut­ton with sweet­breads in Karachi—some fas­ci­nat­ing char­ac­ters, and good friends. There were a cou­ple of marathons (the SPS data­base; trade & tar­iff sim­u­la­tions on 51 grains mar­kets) and at least one job that was just fun: class­room exer­cises for the Teach­ers’ kits on WTO.

Warwick Commission report on ‘The Way Forward’ for WTO



[Updated post] The Uni­ver­sity of War­wick man­dated the Com­mis­sion to enquire into the ‘way for­ward’ for the mul­ti­lat­eral trad­ing sys­tem. They rec­om­mend, among other things, an expan­sion of ‘pluri­lat­eral’ agree­ments among a sub-set of the Mem­bers of WTO as a way of ‘mov­ing for­ward’ and some prin­ci­ples for guid­ing their adop­tion. I agree; there is a good case to be made for these agree­ments that needs fur­ther development.

Innovation in trade agreements

In a speech yes­ter­day in Sin­ga­pore, Australia’s new Trade Min­is­ter (Simon Crean) pledged that future Aus­tralian bilat­eral agree­ments will ‘embody’ MFN commitments.

As I said ear­lier, we do see a role for bilat­eral trade agree­ments but they must be con­sis­tent with our mul­ti­lat­eral aims.
For exam­ple they ought to embody the most favoured nation prin­ci­ple.”(Simon Crean)

Stern is mistaken to think binding targets will work

BaliUNFCCC.gifSir Nicholas Stern argues, ahead of the Bali meet­ing of the UNFCCC, for bind­ing, dif­fer­en­ti­ated emis­sion tar­gets and inter­na­tional trad­ing.  I think his own address betrays the fun­da­men­tal prob­lem with this approach to a col­lab­o­ra­tive regime for cli­mate change mitigation.